Pre-Primary Cultural Week

Cultural week activities  help in holistic development of the personality. These activities along with formal education helps to channelize the hidden potential of the students and make them a good citizen. Domain like social, academic, intellectual, cultural, democratic, civic and aesthetic get enriched after participation in co- curricular activities. Importance of these competition has been widely acknowledge by many people like parents, students. The enthusiasm in all the children was contagious and everyone present, teachers and children visibly enjoyed the colourful mood of the week.

Hand Writing Competition (21/11/2017)

Students of Little Flower Convent School Juniors and seniors participated in a handwriting competition. It was held to encourage students to develop good writing skills. Students took active participation by writing neatly. Among them first, second and third best handwriting was selected. The handwriting competition was held with aim of encouraging and recognizing good handwriting skills.

Pre-handwriting Pre-handwriting

Drawing and Colouring Competition (21/11/2017)

Every child or person has an ocean of inner strengths. The proportions of these strengths vary from person to person. A painting prepared by the thoughts and feelings by painting many pictures with the colours. Each of the colouring were artistically coloured by the children, it was a treat to the eyes. This fun filled activity witnessed an enthusiastic participation of all the students.

Drawing Drawing Drawing